What is CVE - Part 2?

Cool Visual Effects - Part 2 is an asset that gives you 38 effects and shaders made with VFX Graph/Shader Graph/Particle System.

There are light effects and they are some quite heavy ones!

You can easily modify them to fit the style you need with just a basic knowledge of the system they are made with!


Attraction Fields x2
Cold Breath x1
Dust x1
Electrical Sparks x2
Fireball x1
Flamethrower x1
Fluid Particles x3
Flying Sparks x3
Fog x1
Force Field x1
Logo Morph x1
Magical Portal x1
Mask Morph x1
Orbiting particles x2
Particle Sea x1
Particle Tree x1
Portal x1
Rain x1
Snow x1
Starfall x1
Warp Drive x1
Cracks Shader x1
Crystal Ball Shader x1
Hologram Shader x1
Galaxy Shader x2
Snow Shader x1
TV Noise Shader x1
Twirl Shader x1
Hologram Shader x1
Galaxy Shader x1

Made with Cool Visual Effects - Part 2


  1. Project on HDRP
  2. Visual Effects Graph (Package Manager > Visual Effects Graph)
  3. Shader Graph (Package Manager > Shader Graph)
  4. Experimental Operators/Blocks should be ON (Edit > Preferences > Visual Effects)

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