What is IFPSC?

Interactive FPS Controller is a first person controller that allows you to make everything faster. It saves your time by simply giving you core systems like movement, interaction and weapon system!

You can extend it with ease and add whatever you want! The systems are very flexible and you can build upon them quickly!


Movement System

The Movement System is where everything starts!

It allows your player to move left/right/forward/backward, jump, ascend and descend slopes. It also allows you to make the player jump with a different force when sliding down a steep slope.

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Interaction System

Built on top of the Movement System. It allows you to do two types of interactions: Normal and Quick.

Normal Interaction - usually used for puzzles the player has to solve in place, container searching, etc.

Quick Interaction is used for pickable items, levers, doors, etc.

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Weapon System

Built on top of the Interaction System. It allows you to make/add all kinds of weapons to your game.
Very easy to expand and very flexible!

It doesn't have any damage system implemented! But you can make it work with your damage system quite easy!

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  1. Unity 2018.3 or above
  2. If you want to unleash the full potential of the controller you will have to learn about the structure of the controller. That means you will have to watch the YouTube videos, use the README.pdf and read the comments in the code

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