What is Outlines?

Outlines is an asset that gives you 4 different ways to add outlines(bold the rendered edges) in your game.

All in One Shader, Depth based Shader, Linear 01 Depth based Shader, Texture based Shader

You can modify the properties of each shader easily

Depth based vs. Linear 01 Depth based Shader

Depth based Shader - as the name suggests that's a shader that makes Outlines based on the Depth Buffer.

Linear 01 Depth based Shader - uses Depth Buffer as well. Rounds the value from Depth Buffer to 0/1(Binary result).

Texture based vs. All in One Shader

Texture based Shader - uses the rendered frame to draw edges on.

All in One Shader - you can use all Outline shaders in this one.


  1. Unity 2018.3 or above
  2. Project on Built-in RP

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